Learning to squat

Proper way to squat

Squats are a functional exercise that should be incorporated into your weight training routine. But even if you’re not doing them for muscle growth, you will still need some squat strength when it comes to getting out of the chair and picking something down on the floor. And as you get older, you realize that the correct amount of squat strength will be absolutely critical if you want good health and long life.


With that said, it can only be emphasized that squatting is a technique that requires skill. So if you’ve not been getting it right, the following tips will show you how do to them with weights to gain more muscle mass.


Hip hinge


Most people squat with butts lower into the ground, knees protruding over their toes, while heels are lifted off the ground. This happens because they lack hip flexibility and balance which is essential when it comes to doing them correctly.


Now, the correct way of doing them is to hinge your hips so that your buttons can move behind you during the downward phase. The pressure that is exerted on your legs should be felt on the heels, not on the toes. This is the correct way to get more depth with your squats especially when you have weights in your arms.


Head position


Proper balance is essential when it comes to squatting with weights. You see, when squatting normally, your center of gravity is somehow thrown off balance, and this makes it a very dangerous exercise when done with excessive weights.

To avoid this risk, just pick a center of focus on the wall and fix your eyes there as you go downwards and upwards. This will automatically keep you looking ahead instead of downwards.


Chest should be out while shoulders backwards


You want to keep proper alignment of the spine when doing squats with some heavy weights. So to keep your lower back in the correct curve, you should protrude your chest out and shoulders slightly backwards. If you choose to sink in your chest and consequently your shoulders, you will interfere with the proper alignment of your spine. This is not good for your balance.


Stabilization using athlete’s stance


To get more stabilization as you go through the phases, you can assume the famous athlete stance. In this stance, your knees should be slightly bent while your feet firmly planted on the ground and toes pointing slightly outwards.


The more you work your glutes and harmstring, the more stabilization you achieve when squatting, and this makes your workouts very powerful. And the more you keep your feet close together, the more the front parts of your legs will feel the pressure. This is certainly not good for you.


And when using heavy weights, you will need to observe that your knees are not caving inwards. Also, you will need to lift weight that is appropriate to your strength.




If you can master these tips on how to squat with weights properly, you will achieve faster results than if you did them the traditional way. You will also achieve greater control and balance when doing squats than before. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by altering your current routine and adapting what you have learned here instead.

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