Stretching the proper way

How important is it to stretch?

Everyone including the aged and pregnant can learn how to stretch. Stretching should always be a part of your daily routine whether you do the regular exercise or not. There are simple ways of stretching that you can do when watching your television or preparing to go to bed. It is not a huge commitment that will stress you but a very simple task.

Stretching is an important component when working out. When stretching, you will create flexibility in all your joints which help you stay in good shape. If you do not stretch, you are likely to suffer muscle cramps or pulls. Therefore, stretching is important when working out but ensure you stretch properly. You have to stretch in a way that you won’t hurt yourself. Below are some tips that will assist stretch the best way without any injuries.


Stretch before workouts

It is a good habit first to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes by stretching to make your joints and muscles loose before starting with your regular workout process. With your joints loose you will feel your body is free and fine to continue with the lifting or running.

Avoid bouncing your stretches

While stretching, you should hold the stretches for approximately thirty seconds and do the same to the other limb. If you feel that you are inflicting pain, then you are going too far. You should not stretch to the extent of feeling pain in the joints or any other body part. Ensure you will not bounce your stretches but hold them steadily.

Perform gentle stretches on daily basis

A stretch is a great practice that will keep you limber and loose. By doing soft and few stretches daily will not hurt you if you are not doing it vigorously.

Stretch the body parts you need to stretch

If you want to work out by running, you do not have to work on your hands too much. You should focus less on your hands and concentrate on stretching your legs. You should do what you want to and feel free considering any part of your body. If you are not tight, you should not stress too much on the stretches.

Aim for flexibility

When performing your stretches, ensure that you will stretch both your right and left side of the body. If you have a feeling that one side is tighter than the other hand, you should stretch that side more.

Stretch after working out

After you have completed your workout, you should reset the position of your body to its natural way. After a days lifting or running, stretching afterwards will assist you by reducing the likelihood of stiffness and soreness hence you could experience the following day.

Stretching appropriately and correctly is crucial to your workouts. By stretching before your exercises, you are making your muscles loose hence preventing pain and injuries. Stretching after workouts will help you avoid stiffness and sores when you wake up the following day. It will rejuvenate your body muscles when working out the next time. Without proper stretches, you are increasing your chances of injuries. Follow these tips for good and guided stretching.

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